Sniper Rifle
Sniper rifle pic
Kill Icon
Sniper Charge Kill
Damage per shot: 35 (unscoped), 45-75 (scoped)
Rate of Fire: 0.5 shots per second
Maximum DPS: 42.5
Maximum Ammunition: 1

The Sniper Rifle is the weapon held by the Rifleman class. A slow but powerful bolt-action rifle, mounted with a scope and a laser, the rifle has a rather slow firing rate but deals large amounts of damage per hit. Rather than firing normal bullets that have drop and travel time, it fires a team-colored "beam" that instantly hits its target and has truly infinite range. Right-clicking uses the scope which leans the player's sight toward one direction (useful for spotting enemies from afar). Scoping also has a charge feature which increases a single shot to deal 35-85 damage, depending on the length of charge, with a slower firing speed. Using the scope slows your movement and lowers your jump height though. Don't scope when quick movement is a priority. The rifle cannot shoot through teammates, meaning you usually need to position at a different angle from where your teammates are.

Trivia Edit

  • On rare occasion, players have been able to kill two players at once with the Sniper Rifle. This occurs under unknown circumstances, usually under lag, the appearance being that the shot passes through an enemy.
  • Two hits from a charged Sniper Rifle can kill a medium health enemy -all but three of the classes (the Healer regenerates, meaning three shots are needed).