Scattergun crop
Kill Icon
Damage per shot: 8×6 bullets
Rate of Fire: 1.5 shots per second
Maximum DPS: 64
Maximum Ammunition: 6

The Scattergun is the main weapon of the Runner class. Appearance-wise, its a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun, with what appears to be a center drum magazine and a lever action. The Scattergun fires six bullets, with a random spread, for every shot - however, these have a rather short range and fall rapidly, despite their high damage.

Due to firing two more bullets at a time than the Constructor's Shotgun, the Scattergun does a full sixteen more damage if all the bullets hit.

Also like the Shotgun, the Scattergun suffers from the velocity of its bullets being affected by player speed.

The Scattergun must be reloaded after six consecutive shots if the player doesn't pause in between. The Scattergun reloads each shot separately.