Runner pic
Basic Info
Weapon: Scattergun
Type: Offensive
Health: 100
Speed: 1.4

Quick as the wind, The runner excels in recovering objectives! He can double jump in mid air! - Readme File

Nicknames: Scoot, Scout (TF2 Name)

Origin: Brooklyn, New York

The Runner is the fastest character in GG2. Equipped with a powerful shotgun, but low health, the Runner can certainly be a force to be reckoned with. He can also easily escape from enemies.

Weapons Edit

The Runner's weapon is the Scattergun, a sawed-off lever-action doublebarreled shotgun. It does extreme damage at close range, and with the aid of momentum can be used as a medium range weapon.

The Runner has no Alternative Fire.

Basic Strategy Edit

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  • Never stop moving. Generally, the only thing that can catch you is an enemy Runner.
  • Autoguns and spamming Overweights will probably be your worst enemies, due to their pure area denial. Chokepoints are also hard to pass alone.
  • Autoguns have to turn to track you if you jump over them- use this time to destroy them and their Constructor.
  • Be unpredictable. When facing Rocketmen and Riflemen, save your double jump. As soon as you use it, they can figure out exactly where you're going to land.
  • You'll probably die a lot, but you'll also see the Intel a lot more than anybody else.
  • You count as two people when capturing a point in capture point, so use this to your advantage.
  • Rushing at the Intel like a mad man to try and cap as many times before your opponent does is a popular strategy known as Jello Nixoning.
  • The Runner is great for infiltrator checking, since his scattergun has a very long range, which is almost doubled when running.
  • If you always try to take out enemies that are not firing at you, you will live longer
  • Runner is for small dicks, remember, don't be too aggressive as a runner because you'll finish last.