Rocketman pic
Basic Info
Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Type: Offensive
Health: 160
Speed: 0.9

"Larvae!" - Rocketman

"Look its END RAVE and he's playing soldier" - gg2 player

"Strong yet graceful, he can launch himself skyward with his rockets as well as inflict critical damage to his opponents" -Readme File

Nicknames: Rocketmang Soldier (TF2 Name)

Origin: West Point, New York

Weapons Edit

The Rocketman, true to his name, is armed with a Rocket Launcher. To reduce rocket spamming, it has been updated so that instead of having unlimited ammo, you now only get four rockets. You also can have as many rockets launched into the air at a time instead of just having two. Splash damages have large knockbacks. The rocket launcher can also be used to perform boosts into the air for yourself, allies, and even enemies.

Basic Strategy Edit

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  • You have some of the highest damage potential in the game, use it well.
  • Use rockets to "juggle" foes- blast them up in the air with one, then hit them again as they land.
  • Rocketspam can be useful, but don't do it. Aim before shooting.
  • Use common sense with when to fire. Bad rocket men gib themselves constantly, however smart rocket men gib themselves when they are just about to die (this might piss off your opponents since you're purposely preventing them from getting a kill point off you).
  • You're a great counter to a spamming Overweight- your rockets will almost always do the full fifty-five damage due to his large frame, and your kickback prevents him from getting up-close, where he wants to be.
  • Your rockets explode on contact with thin walls and ceilings, you can use this to damage people a floor above you.


  • No grenades are visible on the Rocketman's tunic, unlike the Soldier, his TF2 counterpart.
  • The Rocketman's helmet lacks straps, unlike his TF2 counterpart, the Soldier.
  • The Rocketman's rocket does not appear to rest on his right shoulder. Instead, it seems to be wedged somewhere between said shoulder and his right bicep.