Rocket Launcher
Rocket launcher
Kill Icon
Damage per shot: 55 on direct hit

30 on splash

Rate of Fire: 1 shots per second
Maximum DPS: 55
Maximum Ammunition: 4

The Rocket Launcher is the Rocketman's singular means of attack. It is, as it's name might suggest, a rocket launcher. The Rocket Launcher has the second longest range of all the weapons, beaten only by the Sniper Rifle.

Since it deals adequate damage, splash damage, and has knockback the rocket launcher is one of the more effective weapons in the game, but is limited by a slow firing rate and small clip size. The Rocketman can use the Rocket Launcher to rocket jump by firing it at a wall, the ceiling, or floor. This gives the him a fast means of travel around the map. This knockback can be used to "juggle" enemies, by launching them into the air with the rocket explosions.


  • Only two rockets can exist in the game from one player. This makes it slightly more difficult to rapidly fire rockets, but is not usually an issue, the rockets will often explode before you can fire a third.