Rocket Jumping is an ability of the Rocketman and Detonator class. It involves blasting the ground at your feet with a rocket or mine, while simultaneously jumping. The result will be a enhanced jump while also causing a flame effect to trail off your feet while in the air. The Enhanced jump is powered by the knockback force of your rocket or mine. This ability allows you to get to places often only accessible to the runner, and sometimes places even they cannot reach. While the rocketman can use this most effectively, due to his high health pool and reduced damage from his own rockets, the detonator can also use this ability to get to high locations. The downfall of the detonator using rocket jump is that he cannot jump much more than twice without dying, because he takes the full damage of his mines. The Detonator, however, can use his mines to jump in mid air, and therefore, double rocket jump.

Rj eg

This is an example of a rocket jump

Sticky jump eg

This is an example of a sticky jump

Rocket Jump mapsEdit

There a maps designed primalrily for Rocket jumping (see below)

Rj 1

This is a rocket jump map made by me Derp