Rifleman pic
Basic Info
Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Type: Support
Health: 120
Speed: 0.9

"Straight between the eyes!" - Rifleman

Nicknames: Shooter, Tent-Maker, Little Camper Baby, Shades, Wanker, Sniper (also the Team Fortress 2 name)

Origin: Amery, Australia

Armed with his trusty Sniper Rifle and dead aim, his zoom scope allows him to attack from afar. The scope itself can be toggled by right-clicking. The rifleman is the class best used for sniping, due to the long range and scope of his weapon.


The Rifleman's weapon, the Sniper Rifle, is supposedly a 22. caliber Rifle with a powerful scope that can increase his range of view by about 90%. It has no bullet drop, but the time between shots make it a weapon best used at a long range.

Basic StrategiesEdit

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  • As a rifleman, you should either go to a high sniping spot, or support overweights and rocketmen in battle.
  • It is wise to check for infiltrators occasionally, as you are a common target
  • Your rifle makes It easy to clear long hallways of infiltrators
  • Your powerful rifle bullets can shoot through quote/curly bubbles. Use this to your advantage from afar.
  • You are best suited to have a Firebug around, as they can check for infiltrators while you eliminate enemy targets.
  • Try to attack the lower health targets such as Runners and un-stealthed infiltrators
  • You can help out your overweight-healer pairs by shooting fully charged shots at high health enemies such as other detonators, overweights or rocketmen.
  • Go to a place where teammates don't block your shots.
  • While un-scoped your sniper rifle deals less damage, but shoots a lot faster, use this for close combat or infiltrator checking.
  • It seems that while scoping you hear sounds near where your screen is at but not around you, use this to investigate areas by listening to invisible inflitraitor jumps.