Kill Icon
Damage per shot: 28
Rate of Fire: 1.666... shots per second
Maximum DPS: 41.666...
Maximum Ammunition: 6

The Revolver is the Infiltrator's primary weapon. It is a small one-handed pistol capable of holding six shots. Despite it's small size, the revolver is a very powerful weapon. it deals high damage per shot, suffers from almost no bullet drop, and has the third longest range of any weapon (behind only the Sniper Rifle and the rocket launcher).

The revolver can be used by the Infiltrator to kill low-health opponents and to kill opponents and sentries that will prove hard to backstab. Each shot deals 28 damage, contrary to the popular belief of 25 damage. Similar to the Needler and the Revolver in TF2, it reloads its entire clip at once.