Red door

The RED door as it appears in the team selection menu.

RED, or Respectable Elucidation Division, is one of the two teams in Gang Garrison. They advertise themselves as "a private company dedicated to illicit information acquisition and other shady activities." They are constantly at war with the BLU team over control of land, intelligence data, or power generation. The half of the map that the RED team controls is generally has a more rustic theme that that of BLU.

The TeamEdit

The RED team is composed of 10 members:

Fighting the BLU TeamEdit

The RED team is constantly at war with the BLU team, and as such, they are always trying to beat them. They fight the BLU team in many ways; in games of Control Point, CTF, and Generator.

Control PointEdit

In these games, the RED team fights the BLU team for control of entire map, staring with possession of two fifths of the map, and attempting to gain control of all of them. There is also a variation on control point games, in which the RED team atempts to gain all of the contirol points, starting with none, but is unable to lose control points.

Capture the FlagEdit

In Capture the Flag, RED attempts to steal BLU's Intel, while protecting their own.


In this game mode, the RED team attempts to destroy the BLU team's Generator, whilst protecting their own from destruction.