Quote & Curly
Quote curly pic
Basic Info
Weapon: Bubbler, Blade
Type: Secret
Health: 140
Speed: 1.07

"..." - Quote

"Jammed it in Curly's mouth." - One of the numerous tongue-in-cheek moments of Cave Story

Nicknames: 'Bot, "small white cat-like ninja"

Origin: Cave Story

Cameos from their own game, Cave Story (also known as Doukutsu Monogatari), Quote and Curly Brace are the not-so-secret tenth class of Gang Garrison 2.

Being much shorter than the other classes, Quote and Curly have the advantages of a small hitbox and good movement speed (the same as an Infiltrator's). They also have a large health pool of 140 hitpoints, more than any class but the Rocketman and Overweight.

Of note is that Quote and Curly do not actually appear on the in-game class selection menu- rather, they are accessed by pressing Q when the menu is open.

Quote curly GG2vCS comparison

A comparison of the GG2 and CS versions of Q/C.

Weapons Edit

Quote and Curly have two weapons at their disposal. Left-click uses the Bubbler, creating a makeshift shield for blocking projectiles (with the exception being flamethrowers and King's Swords which cut right through popping all the bubbles in the way, and rockets and sniper rifle shots which pass right through without popping anything; stickies will simply bounce off the bubbles), while right-clicking throws the Blade, also known as King's Sword, which deals damage while knocking enemies back. Bubbles are mainly used for defending areas and escaping, while the Blade is an excellent close-quarters weapon due to its sheer damage output.

Basic Strategy Edit

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  • Bubbles do very little damage. Don't spam them expecting to get kills.
  • Your Blade's knockback can be both beneficial and unwanted. Know when to use it and when to retreat.
  • If you can get the jump on him, you can out-gun a firing Overweight.
  • You're a semi-common target for Healers and their Superburst due to your speed and damage. Don't waste them.
  • Only one Blade can be in use at once- the first one has to either disappear or hit an object before another one can be thrown (increasing damage as enemies get closer).
  • Due to Quote&Curly's lack of range and his bubbler weapon, they're best used as a defensive class.
  • Quote&Curly are the second best class to give the intel to, since they have 140 health, bubbles for incoming bullets, and swords to push back incoming enemies.
  • Quote's&Curly's smaller stature allows them to gain access to objectives through unconventional paths, e.g. through sniper windows.

Trivia Edit

  • Quote and Curly were the very first classes in Gang Garrison 2. As such, they were left in. Also in the original builds, Quote was on both teams, and had a horrendously overpowered missile launcher.
  • Many forum-goers are fans of Cave Story, judging by numerous names, avatars and posts.
  • Quote and Curly's sprites are slightly different than their original Cave Story renditions.
  • Assuming the Firebug is male, Curly Brace has the distinction of being the only female in the game.
  • As Quote and Curly don't appear on the character selection menu, they don't have high-resolution portraits like the other classes.