Overweight pic
Basic Info
Weapon: Minigun, Manvich
Type: Defensive
Health: 200
Speed: 0.8 (0.3 shooting)

"I eat tiny men like you for lunch! Literally!" - Overweight

Nicknames: Waddles, Big Fat Killer, Lardass, Fat Bald Bastard, Heavy (from TF2)

Origin: Dmitrovsk, Russia

A mammoth of a man, carrying a heavy weapon that will shred enemies. He sure can eat, too! -Readme file


Nomnomnom this is the heavy eating his sandvich

The Overweight is the slowest character in the game. Armed with a powerful but imprecise minigun, the Manvich and a large pool of health, he can be a deadly defender, although some consider him a threat only when aided by a Healer


The Overweight is armed with a large Minigun dubbed "Shura". According to him, it "weighs 330 pounds and fires 6,254 ruble, hand-made rounds", and "costs 12,507,463 rubles to fire... for one-fifth of a minute." In reality, it uses 7.62 rounds and fires at around 120 rounds per second, but don't tell him that.

Basic StrategyEdit

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The Overweight has the ability to take massive amounts of damage in one life, and possibly return the favor alone. However, he is powerful in groups, distributing cover fire or keeping enemies at bay. When being attacked, time your jumps to avoid the majority of bullets, rockets, etc.

Right-clicking will eat the Manvich, healing fifty health in exchange for a few seconds of immobility.

As the Overweight, you are a useful Healer-buddy if you know what to do. You'll regenerate health faster than the Healer is able to with the Manvich, so attempt to keep the Healer behind the line of fire at all times. Your Healer-pal might need protection, so don't avoid all the bullets if the Healer is almost dead.

Trivia Edit

  • The Overweight's Minigun doesn't require you to rev it, unlike the one in Gang Garrison's counter-part, Team Fortress 2.
  • Seeing as Gang Garrison 2 is a demake of Team Fortress 2, Shura is apparently likened to the Heavy's minigun, Sasha. Both are modeled after the General Electric M134 Minigun, which uses 7.62x51 NATO cartridges and fires at nearly five thousand rounds per minute. In both Team Fortress 2 and its demake, the rate of fire has been reduced greatly to both balance gameplay and prevent some players' computers from exploding.