The Modern Update is the official name for the 2.4 update. It was an update that updated the maps and game modes, specifically adding Dual King of the Hill , or DKOTH.

Dual King of the HillEdit

Argueably the largest part of the update was the addition of the Dual King of the Hill mode. THe game mode is basically just the original King of the Hill with another control point, or "hill".

Destroy the GeneratorEdit

The Destroy the Generator mode also got an upgrade. Now, Generators start off with a shield that protects against beginning damage. This shield will eventally regenerate, and therefore extends the lifetime of generators, and thus the game.

Mod LobbyEdit

The Mod Lobby meant that anyone who was running a modded server would show up on anyone else's lobby, even if they did not have the mod itself. When clicking on a mod not being run, there is an option to go to the mod's page and download it, and therefore introducing mods to people who either didn't know of them and expanding some mods' audiences.

Map DownloadingEdit

Although somewhat of a minor change, it's worth mentioning that instead of having to download maps and locators from image-hosting sites, you can now directly get them from a server who is running the map.

Full ChangelogEdit


  • New game mode: Dual King of the Hill
  • Revamped game mode: Generator
  • Custom maps are directly downloaded from servers
  • Lobby layout supports modded servers
  • Humiliation animations
  • Improved screenshot functionality
  • Three new menu music tracks
  • A slew of balance changes
  • A slew of bugfixes

Map changes:

  • Added one-way door entities
  • Added dkoth_atalia and dkoth_sixties
  • Updated ctf_conflict
  • Updated gen_destroy
  • Setup gates are now compatible with Arena, KotH, and DKotH
  • Forward spawns are now compatible with KotH and DKotH