Mine Launcher
Minegun pic
Kill Icon
Damage per shot: 45
Rate of Fire: 0.9 shots per second
Maximum DPS: ~50
Maximum Ammunition: 8

The Mine Launcher, also known as the Mine Gun or the Stickybomb Launcher, is the primary form of attack used by the Detonator. It is a small pneumatic tube with a drum magazine mounted on the underside, which fires small team-colored mines that stick to surfaces and Autoguns.

At any given time, a maximum of eight mines can be deployed, at which point no more mines can be primed until the previous eight are detonated.

By exploding a mine in mid-air, the Mine Launcher can effectively be used as a poor man's Rocket launcher.

Quote's and Curly Brace's Bubbler bubbles will directly deflect any mines launched at them. However, detonating a mine close to the bubble shield will pop bubbles.

Mines deal splash damage based on proximity to the mine, up to a maximum of 45 against enemies and 67 against Autoguns. This damage is unaffected by whether or not the mine is in the air or stuck to a surface.


  • Prior to Gang Garrison 2 Version 2.1, there was no HUD indicator for how many active mines a player had.
  • Mid-air explosions can divert the path of or prematurely explode rockets.