Medigun crop
Kill Icon
Damage per shot: ~0.6(healing)
Rate of Fire: 30*(healing) shots per second
Maximum DPS: ~59.9*(healing)
Maximum Ammunition: 40

The Medigun is the weapon used by the Healer player class. Left-clicking allows the player to heal teammates, while the right-click alt-fire allows the Healer to perform "Super Fast Surgery" on any opponents by shooting large hypodermic needles. Depending on how long ago a it has been since a teammate has taken damage, the medigun can heal at up to triple its speed.

When playing as a Healer, there is a meter marked "Superburst" in the lower-right corner of your HUD. This fills by healing teammates, and fills faster when the teammate has below full health. When the bar is full, right-clicking while healing a teammate activates the Superburst, which allows you to turn you and a teammate invulnerable for a short time. Note, if you stop healing, the teammate doesn't get the invulnerability, but the bar still goes down.

Trivia Edit

  • The Medigun heals at up to triple speed based on how long ago the patient has taken damage.
  • When healing a teammate, if they get a kill, you get an assist.
  • The Medigun is one out of two healing weapons in the game, the other being the Manvich. The Medigun can heal teammates, however.
  • The Medigun in Gang Garrison 2 has both functions of the Syringe Gun and Medigun in Team Fortress 2.