Kill Icon
Damage per shot: 200* (heal from self)
Rate of Fire: N/A shots per second
Maximum DPS: N/A
Maximum Ammunition: N/A

The Manvich is the secondary "weapon" of the Overweight class, and quite possibly the reason for his namesake. It is constructed of two slices of white bread, a slice of turkey, a piece of bologna, three slices of Swiss cheese, a leaf of lettuce, two pieces of ham, some mayo, two slices of tomato, and an olive on a toothpick. At any time while playing Overweight, the player can right-click to put their Minigun on the ground, pull out the Manvich, and take a few bites. This action can't be cancelled once started. The animation takes approximately four seconds, and restores all 200 health.

If you take damage while eating your Manvich, the amount of time spent eating the manvich decreases, thus decreasing the amount of health healed eating it.


  • Until the 2.5 Update, the Overweight had an infinite supply of Manviches, which only healed 50 health. Now, it takes roughly 45 seconds to recharge, starting from right when you eat it.
  • It will not need to recharge, however, if you are already at full health.

    An overweight eating a manvich

  • The Manvich model appears to be different from Sandvich model in Team Fortress 2; the Sandvich is triangular, with crust on one side, but the Manvich is square with no crust.
  • Once upon a patch Manvich-eating Overweights had a maximum health of 201, and so could survive being backstabbed by an Infiltrator once. This was changed with the patch that caused the Manvich to heal to full and have a cooldown. In even earlier versions, the Manvich could raise the Overweight's health by one indefinitely.