Infiltrator pic
Basic Info
Weapon: Revolver, Butterfly Knife
Type: Support
Health: 100
Speed: 1.07

"Colleagues." - Infiltrator

Nicknames: Backstabber, Scumbag, Crab-Man

Origin: Undetermined Area of Eastern Europe

Can become invisible to slip behind enemy lines and deliver a fatal strike with his knife.

Weapons Edit

His primary weapon is a heavy-caliber revolver, which does large amounts of damage, has a range only beaten by rockets and the Rifleman's bolt-action, and suffers from very little bullet drop. It's not impossible for a competent Infiltrator to outgun even an Overweight.

At any time, an Infiltrator can right-click to activate his cloak. While cloaked, he can't use his Revolver, but is completely invisible to enemies. Team-mates see a transparent outline of him. By left-clicking while cloaked, an Infiltrator can use his secondary weapon, the Butterfly Knife. Although slow, a stab from the knife is an instant kill, dealing 200 damage. This can be used to destroy Autoguns, simply by stabbing them. The only ways to survive a knife attack are to be superbursted, or to be eating a Manvich while at full heath.

Another skill that the Infiltrator possesses, but is rarely exploited, is his passive invisibility toward all enemies. When an enemy player is not facing in the direction that an Infiltrator is standing, the Infiltrator will be completely invisible to him. This is always present, even when the Infiltrator is not cloaked. Passive invisibility, sometimes combined with lag, is often the cause for enemy Infiltrators seemingly shooting while invisible.

Basic Strategies Edit

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  • The revolver has an extremely shallow arc, making it a good mid-long range weapon. Feel free to abuse your cloak to pass by unobservant players, but don't rely too heavily on it, as it doesn't provide invulnerability.
  • The knife animation has a long delay (approximately 1 second) meaning that to get a successful kill on a moving target, you will have to lead them. This is not wise if they're shooting in front of them.
  • If you see your teammates standing on a capture point, uncloak and help capture it. It's amazing how many matches are lost because an untrained Infiltrator stood on the point, cloaked, not doing anything.
  • Your revolver does a lot more damage than it looks, 28 damage a shot, so don't just rely on cloak.

Trivia Edit

  • The infiltrator can't take or carry Intelligence while invisible.
  • The infiltrator has passive invisibility, meaning that when an enemy player is facing away from the infiltrator, he is invisible to that player even while uncloaked.
  • While invisible, your jumping noises can still be heard.
  • You can still be healed if you are invisible, unlike the Infiltrator's Team Fortress 2 counterpart; The Spy
  • A strange fact is that the Infiltrator has the largest head in the game, thus getting the same size as Overweight , although this is not a problem because you can not suffer headshots.
  • Unlike the BLU Spy from Team Fortress 2, the BLU Infiltrator also smokes a cigarette white.
  • The infiltrator cannot disguise as enemy players, unlike the Spy in Team Fortress 2.