Healer pic
Basic Info
Weapon: Medigun
Type: Support
Health: 120*
Speed: 1.09

"You can trust me, I'm a doctor!" - Healer

Nicknames: Doc, Needles, "My Very Special Friend" (to the Overweight), "Freakin' Neo-Nazi" (to the Runner), "Traitor to Hitler" (to the friendly Rocketman)

Origin: Munich, Germany

His all-purpose Medigun can both heal his team from afar and rain syringes on foes. He also has the ability to activate the match-turning "Superburst", which makes him and another character invulnerable for a short period.

Basic Strategy Edit

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  • Pair together with the Overweight to make a force to be reckoned with. Also, make sure to stay behind him to avoid enemy fire. This will be beneficial to both of you as you can heal through health loss he sustains.
  • If you have a Superburst ready, try to use it on a Firebug. They're quite fast and have a great damage output. Just make sure that they know what they're doing.
  • The Healer's health slowly auto-regenerates while he is injured at a rate of 5 health per second.
  • Jump around. Don't ever stay in one place. You are the Infiltrator's highest priority target.

Advanced StrategyEdit

  • You can get in front of heal targets to soak up some damage and potentially win Overweight v. Overweight matches. You heal some of your health too.


  • The Healer is the only class who wears glasses for medical reasons.
  • Unlike the Medic from Team Fortress 2, the Healer does not carry a visible device on his back. Health probably comes from the Medigun itself, and the shoulder strap probably only helps him carry it. There is a possibility that it is just hidden behind his back and we cannot see it due to the game being 2D.
  • Unlike the Medic from Team Fortress 2, "overhealing" (boosting your patient's health to more than 100%) is not available for the Healer in Gang Garrison 2. However, a Manvich once let Overweights to rise to 201 HP (100.5% health) or an unlimited amount more in even earlier versions. There is also a server-side plugin  by BassMakesPaste that lets the Healer temporarily buff players to 150% their normal HP