"(Internet)Famousity and (Probable)Richness await!" - Haxxy Awards

The Haxxy Awards is a competition proposed by the community to send screenshots, pixel-arts and mods to win the prize. As of now, both the 2011 and 2012 Haxxys have ended.

Categories for the 2011 Haxxy Awards:

  • Best Art in Symmetrical Map
  • Best Design in Symmetrical Map
  • Best Art in Asymmetrical Map
  • Best Design in Asymmetrical Map
  • Best Sprite Mod
  • Best Non-Sprite Mod
  • Most Gibby Screenshot
  • Coolest Killcam
  • History of Caves (Biggest Quotage)
  • Gang Garrison-related Pixel Art
  • Gang Garrison-related Conventional Art
  • Best Fake Update Poster
  • Other Cool Gang Garrison-related stuff

Categories for the 2012 Haxxy Awards:

  • Best Map
  • Best Mod
  • Best Mod Idea
  • Best Plugin
  • Best Screenshot
  • Best Gang Garrison-Related Art
  • Best Fake Update Poster
  • Other Cool Gang Garrison-Related Stuff