The 2013 Haxxies update was released on July 7th, 2013, and was made in preparation for the upcoming Haxxies. The update added a new collision system, bug fixes, balance changes, and the ability to change crosshairs, along with other minor fixes. The 2.6.1 update was later released, fixing a big caused by Rocketmen's rockets having no owner, and fixing a spelling mistake in the options menu.



* Balance changes

* Switched to wareya's new collision system (hopefully reduces bugs)

* Switched to new internal updater system

* Various bug fixes

* Prevent GG2 crashing on Windows 8

* Prevented spectator tracking of cloaked spies and enemies

* Name-change field in lobby​

* Custom crosshairs

* Optional display of certain teammate statistics

* Map rotation shuffling (on by default)

* Automatically downloaded main menu backgrounds - submit your art, and lots of GG2 players will see it!

* Server-sent plugin caching - no re-downloading!

* Optional automatic restart for server-sent plugins, skipping the prompt