In Gang Garrison 2 griefing usually refers to helping the other team, doing nothing for your team, or stalling the game so that no one can play.

Some examples are:

  • Stealing the other team's Intel and not capturing it, or returning dropped enemy intel back to their base.
  • Wasting superburst on someone who doesn't need it.
  • Not doing anything useful while superbursted (ie. eating a manvich)
  • Partying (not attacking anyone and trying to convince them to stop shooting, usually connected with taunting).
  • Rocketmen attacking their own team.
  • Healing friendly spies, showing their location
  • Using sticky bombs to knock Riflemen off of sniping areas (especially in Dirtbowl 3's spawn as BLU)
  • Blocking friendly Riflemen's shots with your body