The Garrison Builder is a program that allows players to create their own maps for Gang Garrison 2. It's current version is v2.1.1.

Use Edit

Usage Edit

To use the Garrison Builder, you need Gang Garrison 2, The Garrison Builder, and an image editing program (Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, etc).

You first start by making your Background. Save it as a PNG. The background image will become the map with all the saved data in it (spawn points, health cabs, frag boxes, etc). Next, create your walkmask. This can be done by cloning your background. Open your cloned file, and make all floors and walls BLACK. All doors, backgrounds, pits, and empty spaces must be WHITE. Save it as a PNG.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the bottom left pixel of the walkmask is WHITE, or all players on the map will be stuck. This is due to how transparency is read in game maker. It takes the bottom pixel and sets that as transparent.

In Garrison Builder Edit

Within Garrison Builder, import your background and walkmask using the buttons provided. Now place all of the important objects:

  • The runners create spawn positions. (RED Runner creates RED spawn position, and vice versa)
  • The Buttons labeled "Door" Creates team-based doors, for team based shortcuts and spawnrooms.
  • The suitcases are the Intelligence, which must be captured to earn a point.
  • The Health cabinet creates a health locker, which restores your health, and should be placed in a spawnroom.
  • Generators should be placed near the respective team's spawn.
  • Control Point, King of the Hill, Dual King of the Hill, and Arena each have separate control points. Make sure not to mess them up!
  • Right clicking on a placed entity deletes it.

Once finished, Use the "Embed level data in PNG" option. It will take a second to compress the walkmask into the background, and when it finishes, exit the garrison builder or test it by hitting the "Test Map" button (be sure to setup the directroy to the gang garrison exe by hitting the F3 (function 3) key.

Utilizing the map Edit

Simply add the .png to your maps rotation. IF you've clicked "load wallmask" and "load entities", it should work fine.

Downloads Edit