Flamethrower pic
Kill Icons
Damage per shot: 3.14
Rate of Fire: 30 shots per second
Maximum DPS: 188.4
Maximum Ammunition: 200

The Flamethrower is the primary weapon of the Firebug class. It has a high damage output and can kill enemies even after they've run away due to afterburn, but has an extremely short range. Right-clicking will activate the Airblast, which can deflect projectiles and shove enemies. There is also Flareblast, while pressing the left button and right mouse button, will launch a fireball from long range for enemies that are far.


  • The Flamethrower is apparently jury-rigged from the handle of a gas pump, part of an oven, a propane tank, a pilot light, liberal amounts of duct tape, cable ties and spot welds. It's a wonder it doesn't explode when used; the pure danger of firing it adds to the evidence of the Firebug's mental state of perhaps not playing always with a full deck of cards.
  • In early versions of Gang Garrison 2, the Flamethrower could shoot through thin walls, much to the anger of other players. This can still occur sometimes, such as the above ground before Capture Point 1 in cp_dirtbowl.
  • The sprite for the Airblast is notably higher-resolution than the rest of the player and weapon sprites.
  • The weapon can burn and airblast the paper trail from the Intel
  • Afterburn does additional damage over time to every class except other Firebugs and Autoguns.