Firebug pic
Basic Info
Weapon: Flamethrower
Type: Offensive
Health: 120
Speed: 1.1

"Get close to your foe and burn him! Push enemies and projectiles away with a burst of air!"Readme File

Nicknames: Arsonist, Pyro (TF2 Name)

Origin: Unknown

The Firebug is a fireproof offensive class, who can quickly dispatch enemies with his Flamethrower.

Weapons Edit

The Firebug's primary weapon is the Flamethrower. The Flamethrower has the fastest firing rate of the weapons, but the lowest in damage per hit. It causes the deadly Afterburn, which continues to deal damage even after the fighting is over.

The Firebug's alternate fire is a powerful Compression Blast that can repel enemy rockets, mines, and even other players. The Compression Blast can also be used in conjunction with flamethrower fire to perform a Flareblast.

Basic Strategy Edit

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  • The Firebug has an extremely short range, so whenever you can try and surprise your enemies.
  • Retreat after you've dealt enough damage so that your afterburn will be able to finish off your opponent.
  • When facing a Rocketman or Detonator your best bet is to time your Compression blast and your flamethrower, so you can constantly damage him with your flames, and his rockets.
  • If you get Superbursted by a friendly Healer, you should try to go on something normally called a "Suicide Run". It's when you run into the high-traffic enemy areas and shoot your Flamethrower everywhere like a mad-man and let your afterburn gradually kill your enemies. Just make sure you have two seconds left of your Superburst to get out of there.
  • Remember, Fireblast projectiles go farther when you are moving forward.