This is a Frequently Asked Questions page for Gang Garrison 2.

Classes Edit

Q: What is that little dude/chick in the red hat/yellow hair? Or What is ninja cat? OR mario cat anime thing that throws knifes?
A: That's Quote, or Curly Brace if you're on the BLU team. They're the not-so-secret characters of GG2.

Q: How do I play as them?
A: Press Q at the class selection menu.

Q: How do I eat the Manvich?
A: Right-click as Overweight. It heals 50 health.

Q: What's Superburst?
A: When a Healer... well, heals people enough, he gains the ability to activate Suberburst on himself and a teammate. This makes the duo completely invulnerable to damage for a short period of time. Note, they are still pushed around by explosives and the Firebug's airblast.

Q: How do I use this "Superburst"?
A: When the meter in the lower-right corner of your HUD is full, right-click while holding down left-click.

Q: How many Mines can I have out at once?
A: Eight. Once that limit is reached, you cannot place anymore once you have eight out.

Q: I think that Runner's hacking. There's no way he should be able to reach that ledge.
A: The special ability of the Runner is the double-jump. At any time while in mid-air, press Jump again to perform a second jump; you can hold a movement key before double-jumping to change your direction.

Q: Why is the Overweight so damn slow?
A: He has a giant friggin' chaingun.

Q: Can I repair my Sentry Guns?
A: No. You can also destroy it and rebuilt it if you have 50+ metal (you get 50 from the old sentry's scrap)

Q: What is the Cloak?
A: As an Infiltrator, right-clicking turns you invisible. Teammates can see a transparent you, but to enemies you're completely invisible.

Q: What is the Backstab?
A: When cloaked, left-clicking doesn't shoot the Revolver; instead, the Infiltrator pulls out a knife, twirls it, and swings it in a downward arc. Anyone hit by this will instantly die except for an Overweight munching on a Manwich.

Q: How many points does an intel capture get?
A: As of version 2.1, a cap gets two points.

Q: I'm a cloaked spy and the other team keeps killing me are they hacking?
A: No you just jump too much they can hear that. Also, if you're hit by a stray bullet, you become visible and blood spurts out of you.

Q.How do I chat?
A.If you press Z, X, or C, you'll open up a chat bubble menu. press the number keys to select your chat bubble.