Detonator pic
Basic Info
Weapon: Mine Launcher
Type: Defensive
Health: 140
Speed: 1.0

"Nothing beats gib rain." - Detonator

Nicknames: Deto, Crazylegs, Three-Fifths (to the Constructor)

Origin: Limerick, Ireland

A master of explosives, the Detonator can stick mines to any surface and set them off later.


The Detonator's weapon is the Mine Launcher, which fires small round mines that stick to all surfaces with the exception that it will go through all players, explode on contact with enemy rockets, explode if its in the blast radius of an enemy explosion, and reflect off the quote and curly's bubbles. Only eight mines can be deployed at one time. At any time, a Detonator can right-click to explode all mines he has deployed. Note, there is no delay between being able to fire a mine and exploding one, so the Mine Launcher can be used as a kind of poor man's Rocket Launcher, which can actually go higher than the normal rocket launcher on rocket jump.


  • In the old Gang Garrison Beta builds, the Detonator had a rather messed-up sprite, with a giant torso and stick-like legs that appeared to break whenever he walked (also known as Crazy Legs Deto)
  • Prior to Gang Garrison 2 version 2.1, there was no HUD counter for the number of mines active. This lead to many forum-goers forcing the meme "I count my stickies like real men do." This has led to a comment in the GG2 source code: "I let computers count for me like real men do."
  • Unlike its counterpart, the Demoman, it seems that the Detonator has both eyes intact.
  • "Detonater" is also the name of a weapon for the Pyro in Team Fortress 2.