Constructors are a defensive class, but they can also be a great offensive asset if they build a "Constructor Nest" within enemy territory, like the Intelligence room, or a locked enemy Control point. The Constructors main weaknesses are the Infiltrators, the Rocketmen, and possibly the Riflemen. It is critical that you almost never build several Autoguns next to each other. It ruins the whole area denial effect for other Constructors. If you’re trying to protect the Intelligence, always put it in spots other Constructor's Autoguns cannot reach. And always use your shotgun to check around for Infiltrators, your Autogun is a sitting duck for Infiltrators.

Weapon GuideEdit

If you’re not familiar with your weapons, you will never kill anybody. So learn the mechanics of each weapon and how to use it, and you will be one of the most deadly classe's on the field.


The Shotgun will always work in narrow corridors. If you're intending to babysit your Autogun, like most Constructors do, make sure to build it in a spot where you can bottleneck enemy players. You will be able to fight on more even ground now that the Autogun has softened them up for a shotgun blast. Remember that the Shotgun has a pretty generous spread pattern. This makes it quite useful in rooting out cloaked Infiltrators—fire in suspicious corners or in their general direction when one is fleeing. Usually the spread will allow for at least one pellet to hit the Infiltrator, giving you an idea where he went.


Your main weapon. The key to placing the Autogun is to put it in areas where it covers all land enemies can shoot it from. It is important to keep your autogun at full health. For example, if your autogun is down to 12 health, but you only have 50 Nuts n' Bolts, you should scrap your autogun, and get the 50 Nuts n' Bolts from the destroyed autogun and build another. Sometimes if you’re being chased by a stronger class, like the Firebug, you should set down your autogun so it can kill them. Even if they do destroy it, they will be weakened and far away.

Constructor match upsEdit

As a Constructor you will run into combat with all the classes very often, due to your autogun being the strongest weapon in the game. Remember, you on your own without your autogun can make yourself the weakest class in the field, but sometimes the most deadly.



  • Faster
  • Shotgun shoots faster


  • Less HP
  • Autoguns limit their mobility to dodging

These guys are seriously annoying. They are usually too fast for the autogun to keep up. When a runner is approaching and you are building an autogun, blast him with several rounds of shotgun. Though this can't probably prevent him from attempting to destroy your autogun, your shotgun will weaken him, giving you a chance to finish him. A common Runner strategy is to jump up and down over your autogun while shooting it, the best way to deal with that is just wipe them out with your shotgun. Most Runners will still try to avoid your autogun, just follow them to their little camp and destroy them with your shotgun. Just try to keep your distance and use terrain to your advantage.



  • More accurate gun
  • Higher HP
  • Can destroy autoguns from long range


  • Slower
  • Smaller clip
  • Cannot rush your autogun without being killed

Easy targets for your autogun as long as they are in your range. With guns as accurate as Snipers they can destroy your autogun easily from far away range. The best thing you can do for it is to put them is small areas where your autogun covers every piece of land your enemy can shoot you from. If a Rocketman IS out of your range, try to dodge all his rockets while blasting him with your shotgun, when you have taken enough damage, run back to your autogun. A wise Rocketman will stand his ground and keep shooting you and your autogun, but many will try to follow you into your autogun range to finish you off.



  • Faster
  • Afterburn


  • Short range
  • Usually have to chase prey
  • Easily distracted by autogun

Not much to worry about, just pump a few shotgun rounds into him while your autogun takes him out. Remember, just stand your ground, the Firebug cannot hit you from the Autogun's full range. If you find yourself without your autogun and without any Nuts n' Bolts, fire as many shotgun rounds into him as you can and use any terrain you can to put distance between you him. Make sure you use every shotgun round accurately, because the Firebug is faster than you and once you get within his flame, you’re dead.



  • Higher health
  • Can rush your autogun without being killed


  • Slower
  • Cannot shoot without slowing down

An overweight is generally the only person that can survive a full on attack on your autogun without a Healer buddy. Just focus your shotgun blasts on him while hiding behind your autogun, most Overweights will go directly for your autogun. If you see a Superbursted Overweight coming right at you, run. Once the superburst wears off your teammates will be all over him like moths to a flame.



  • Can destroy autogun without leaving cover


  • Has a less direct gun

Easy class to kill as long as you have your autogun deployed, just stay clear of their sticky bombs. If a Detonator is blasting your autogun apart out of your range, it's better just to confront him directly. If a Detonator sticky bomb jumps up to an unreachable height, try to either to ask somebody for help, or switch to another class that can reach that height, and kill him. You always have an advantage over Detonators, autogun or not, if you're quick and observant of his sticky bombs.






It’s very rare that you come up against another Constructor without his autogun. Just steer clear of other Constructors, the only time you’re going to attack them is if they come to you, never come to them. If you find yourself in direct combat with another Constructor while both of you don't have your autogun, it's going to be a fight to the death with your shotguns. When you obtain enough Nuts n' Bolts to erect an autogun, you should deploy it right away. But if your opponent deploys it before you it's just better to run and let your teammates handle it. You alone cannot handle that kind of combat.



  • Can become invisible
  • Stab can destroy you and your autogun in one hit
  • More accurate/Powerful main gun


  • Lower HP

Constructors hate these guys, very much. The only way to protect yourself from these guys is to stay moving and perform constant Infiltrator-Checks. Their Revolver can also destroy your autogun in four shots. The only way to defend yourself from that is to attack him and hope you don’t get killed. Like most classes, use the terrain to your advantage. But about 95% of the time you won't have to worry about that. If you always perform Infiltrator-Checks, they will either quit and change to another class, or go on a suicide spree.



  • Regenerative health
  • Usually found with buddy
  • Faster


  • Short and weak gun

Most of the time found with a buddy. Just stay close to your autogun and you should handle the Healer and their friend just fine. If you find a stray Healer without your autogun, just retreat and shoot. Healers may be faster, but your gun is more accurate. Try to find a good place to set an autogun and deploy one. It will help you retreat from the Healer and it will benefit your team.



  • Long range gun
  • 2 fully charge shots can kill you or your autogun


  • Slower running speed
  • Slower with charged shots and faster with weak ones
  • Slower rate of fire

Can be a very easy or very hard class to kill. Most will obliterate your autogun from afar. If there is an annoying Rifleman that’s constantly destroying your autoguns it's better to confront them directly. Once you come face to face with them, you should check their speed. If they are slow, they are charging up for a critical hit. Be quick and use the bullet drop to your advantage. If he is normal speed, just rush him and hope for the best. If you have a fully loaded shotgun, it's way more likely that you will manage to kill him. Just keep your shotgun loaded and you will be fine.



  • Faster
  • Higher health
  • Small hitbox


  • Very short range
  • Bubbles don't stop autogun shots

Due to their short range, killing these guys will be a snap. Just set your autogun on them and you will be fine. Typically, a Quote/Curly will have one of three reactions to it. One is they retreat all together. Two is that they will set up their max amount of bubbles. This indicates they are new and can be taken down easily. Three is they will retreat, but they will look for a way to ambush your autogun, like holes in the ceiling, staircases right next to your autogun... ect. The best way is to simply ask somebody, like a Firebug, for help. The fourth way is that they will charge you with their blade, the best way to handle this is to retreat a bit and shoot. Your autogun will take him down faster than you can say "Bang."

Map StrategiesEdit

It's important to know where to defend, and to place your autogun in the most effective place. So if you study the maps carefully, you can beat anybody.

CTF mapsEdit

CTF means "Capture the Flag"


It's best to have a building nest right in the middle of the Intelligence hall, just look for Runners, Rocketman, and Detonators that enter and escape to your left, your autogun can cover every piece of land enemies can shoot you from, and even if Infiltrators do get your Intelligence, unless they killed you and your Autogun, it's nearly impossible to escape. There is a long stretch between the Intelligence desk and it's the only exit for Infiltrators. It's best to stay defensive on this map, there are so many ways to counter your autogun if you put it somewhere like the bridge, but if you put it in the Intelligence room, there are very few ways to counter your autogun, and most of them are risky. Your biggest problem is not Infiltrators, but Rocketmen. Your autogun takes about a second to lock on to them, which is all the time a Rocketman needs to shoot a rocket and get back to cover. The best way to handle this is to simply go after them with your shotgun, try to make it to the medicine cabinet so you can shoot them and then recover. It's a simple tactic that will have the Rocketman running. If somebody does manage to get the Intelligence, you should chase them down and let your teammates kill him. Then set down an autogun by the Intelligence. Shoot your shotgun where ever an Infiltrator can swoop in and grab the Intelligence. Try to put the autogun right over the Intelligence, so if an Infiltrator tries to stab your autogun, they will get the Intelligence and reveal themselves so you can wipe them out easy. But it's just better if you never let them do that in the first place.


One of the easier maps to defend, in the Intelligence room, put your autogun in the "Pipe" sort of area to your left (See Image) .That will block off an area to that was recently available to; Rocketman, Detonators, and Runners. And Infiltrators cannot stab your autogun without grabbing the Intelligence, which makes them visible. Just stay behind your Intelligence and your virtually invincible to Infiltrators. Keep your Shotgun focused on the stairs in case of heavier classes like Rocketman or Overweights. It may seem unlikely, but once the team knows, the regular flag runners like Infiltrators and Runners will rush in. The small area will make it easy for High HP classes to grab the Intelligence and give it to a Runner. In case of the enemy using tactics like that, you should try to ask another player to help you defend the Intelligence.


Nearly impossible to defend alone. It's important to ask everybody you can to defend the Intelligence with you. If you find yourself alone defending the Intelligence, try to put your autogun directly over the Intelligence, the Intelligence will stop stabs, and your autogun can shoot in both directions. If a class faster than you gets the Intelligence and escapes, it's better to just let it go. Just keep your shotgun focused on coming enemies and they won't reach the Intelligence anytime in their lifetime. If your attempts to defend the Intelligence are failing, you should go on the offensive. One spot to cover should be the underground on the offensive, usually the only people who go down there are flag runners, so it's a choice spot for a Constructor. Remember, your enemies WILL adapt, so you might have to move your autogun constantly to keep up with them. Just keep a reserve of Nuts n' Bolts and you should be fine.


A good autogun placement directly over the Intelligence should do you quite good. Usually the only side invisible Infiltrators come in the Intelligence room is from the right on the RED team and the left on the BLU team, so keep your Infiltrator-Checking efforts on that side. After awhile the other team will figure out to use the other side, so when you start noticing that, you should start Infiltrator-Checking both sides. If a Runner gets your Intelligence and escapes into the sewer pipes, it's better to just let it go. Rebuild and just don't let it happen again. The main thing is to just be patient and Infiltrator-Check often.


Putting your autogun on the farthest left stair for RED, and right stair for BLU should be effective, you might want the help of another Constructor but you should do fine. The main thing is to keep your Shotgun focused on each staircase by shooting at the top one, then the bottom one, and so on. And if an enemy escaped into the waterway, it's a good idea to let it go and just ask for some help next time.


Again, putting your autogun over the Intelligence will do you the best, but even then, you'll be very reliant on your shotgun. You have to Infiltrator check every second you got. And if a runner comes out of nowhere, your shotgun gives you the power to kill him before he gets too far away, maybe attempt to ask for some help, but just keep your eyes open, and you'll do fine.

CP mapsEdit

CP means "Control Point".


When everybody scrambles for the first CP, sit back with your autogun on your "Most recently" captured command post, foiling any Runner's or Infiltrator's  plan to hide and wait for it to become available and capture it, and if the other team caps the CP, you'll already have a strong defence set up, and if your team caps the CP, you'll have to move your autogun up to the most recently captured one and stay there until your team captures the next CP, but don’t destroy your autogun before you get there for reasons of safety. Keep moving your autogun up until you win the map, but if you have to fall back when there's a spam of overweights coming after you or any other rush of enemies, you'll already have a good defence set up to prepare for the oncoming attack, and always Infiltrator check, this cannot be stressed enough. But if all else fails, you can turtle with your teammates until the clock runs out and at least keep one piece of land to fight tomorrow.


CP_Dirtbowl is different compared to CP_Egypt. where instead of 2 teams fighting over one command post where people are trying to capture AND defend at the same time, CP_dirtbowl is when the RED team's job is just to capture, not to defend anything, and BLU's job is to defend the CPs, not trying to capture anything, what side are you on?

On the Defence. (BLU)Edit

Command Point 1:

Arguably easier than Offence, the key is to find a spot for your autogun that covers only the space that enemies can capture the CP from, and that’s the only place they CAN attack from, no little cracks that enemies can exploit and easily destroy from a distance, my recommendation is putting your autogun up around 50% to 90% up the stairs to the left. Remember to always keep your shotgun focused on enemies and Infiltrator-Check often.

Command Point 2:

When the enemy forces become overwhelming, you need to know when to fall back, when your autogun hits lower than 15 health, it's time to cut and run. When you fall to the second command post, the best way to defend is to put an autogun on top of the pole. You will have to rebuild a lot, but when a rush of Runners come along, they will have a heck of a time destroying your autogun, because your autogun is way out of the range of their gun, and you never have to worry about Invisible Infiltrators. Remember to stay right next to the bottom of the pole to add some fire power to make sure nothing captures the CP, in case of a sudden rush that destroys your autogun while you’re still next to the pole just rebuild it there. It will probably still get destroyed, and so will you, but you'll die fighting.

On the Offence. (RED)Edit

As a defensive class, it's a bit harder to pull off offensive tactics that other classes take for granted.

Command Point 1:

Just sit back and wait for the enemies to clear out, once they do, set up a position for your teammates to hide behind when they are low on health, and so your teammates can make an easy push as you move your Constructor's nest closer, and closer. Just use the same tactics you always do, and you'll be fine.

Command Point 2:

Same rules apply, just be aware of your terrain and use that to your advantage.

Arena mapsEdit

Arena is when 2 teams are fighting in a non-respawn fight over A Command post, as a second objective, each team can kill each other to win the match.


First off, you have to know that this will require some practice. Timing it precisely to jump over the crates to not slow yourself to the middle of the map first is key, once you get right over the crate, place an autogun and hide behind the crate. (Or fend off a Runner with your Shotgun.) Once your autogun is set up, harass enemies with your shotgun while your autogun finishes them off. Once the rest of your team comes along and "takes over" the Command Post, destroy your autogun, collect your metal from the wreckage and put your autogun against the crate. Wait until the Command Post opens up, and capture it. Remember to Infiltrator-Check often, and don't stand directly under the hole in the wall to get surprised by a falling stab. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR AUTOGUN ALONE. A lone Constructor is an easy target, and so is your autogun.


If the enemy manages to overpower you and your teammates, be ready to fall back and set up a defensive position over the stack of crates, then try to lead enemies into your autogun trap, just be careful about Infiltrators and Runners.


Same tactics as Arena_Lumberyard, you want to take the upper route once you spawn, and place and autogun over the crate on the upper floor, to save some time, once you go directly over the crate, place your autogun in the air. It will save only a bit, but some vital time. See Arena_Lumberyard.


Instead of placing your autogun leaning on the crate, place it directly over the Command Post.


This map is one of a kind; the Constructor can either defend or attack, depending on the situation.

Being FlankedEdit

In games like arena, one of the dangers of being a Constructor is that you'll constantly be flanked. To avoid this, you should place your autogun in places where terrain covers your back. If you do get flanked, the best thing you can do is to focus your shotgun on the stronger class. So if an Overweight is coming from the left, and a Runner from the right, you should focus your shotgun fire on the Overweight. But your auto will still probably get destroyed, so when your health or your autogun's health hits 15 or less, it’s a good idea to just get out of there. If your attempts to keep the enemy at bay are successful, you should always remember to rebuild your autogun. Or the next attack of the enemy will end your autogun and you.