Constructor pic
Basic Info
Weapon: Shotgun, Autogun
Type: Defensive
Health: 120
Speed: 1.0

"Yes we can!" - Constructor

Nicknames: Hardhat, Engie, Truckie

Origin: Houston, Texas

As a brilliant inventor, the Constructor can build autoguns to protect himself, guard Intels or Points, or to attack an enemy Generator.

The class is used in a defensive format, as the sentry guns have limited range but do effectively guard important areas. It can be used offensively but this is something that is rarely done.

Weapons Edit

The Constructor is one of only two classes can have more than one way to damage an enemy (the other is the Infiltrator). Your "actual" weapon is the Shotgun, a small 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, which is a minor version of the Runner's Scattergun. Although it is useful for infiltrator checking, it's weaker than pretty much every other weapon, so use it for self-defense.

His main means of offense is the Autogun. This heavy-caliber, lil' ol' number auto-targets enemies and fires hitscan bullets- they hit the target immediately, unlike the Shotgun, Scattergun, or Minigun.

Basic StrategyEdit

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  • You're best used for defense. Drop your Autogun by the Intel and run around infiltrator checking. It's tedious, but unless there's multiple Overweights, a team without a defensive backbone will always lose.
  • That said, you and your Autogun are prime targets for Infiltrators. Always watch your back.
  • To build your gun, you need 100 Nuts 'n' Bolts.
  • If someone destroys your Autogun and your team is giving you backup, just drop another one. Nuts 'n' Bolts recharge fast enough that you should nearly always have a hundred.
  • Place an auto gun, run forward, steal then intel or just atract attention in general and then lead your opponents into the range of the autogun.
  • Autoguns gain health at a very high rate until they finish building (reach full health) or are destroyed (reach 0 health) this makes them an excellent distraction tool, even if it doesn't do any damage in the end.
  • A destroyed Autogun can be picked up by a Constructor for an instant fifty Nuts 'n' Bolts. You can also grab the debris of a destroyed enemy autogun.
  • Watch out for overweights-They are the only classes that can destroy you your autogun without a healer pal. Just pump a few shotgun shells into him while your autogun helps and you should be fine.

Trivia Edit

  • Your Nuts 'n' Bolts are regenerative, but you can immediately receive 100 of them by using the medicine cabinet.
  • Unlike its counterpart in Team Fortress 2, the Engineer, Constructor uses long sleeves and not wear gloves in any of the hands.