The Classy Update was the name of the 2.3 update for Gang Garrison 2. The update gave us improved rocket jumping, an improved kill log, KOTH (King of the Hill) mode, and gave the Firebug the ability to Flareblast.

Kill Log Edit

The kill log was given a large overhaul, giving it a background, showing the new kill assists, and also giving weapons new kill icons.


King of the Hill mode was added, and with it came three official maps: KOTH:Valley, KOTH:Coroninth, and KOTH:Harvest.

Full Changelist Edit


  • Changed from 39dll to Faucet Networking Extension

  • Added kill-assist system

  • Added new game mode--King of the Hill
  • Updated kill-feed appearance

  • Arena maps end based on wins instead of time

  • Added Class-select portrait animations

  • Added HUD options

  • Reworked how explosive knockback affects players

  • Restructured how Afterburn is calculated

  • Generators explode upon destruction

  • Intelligence returns to base if the carrier dies to an environental hazard

  • Added 2 new menu music pieces



  • Added Forward Spawn entities
  • Added Movebox entities
  • Added Pitfall entities
  • Updated arena_lumberyard
  • Updated arena_montane
  • Added koth_valley
  • Added koth_coroninth
  • Added koth_harvest


  • Removed 'spinjumping'
  • Lots and lots of bugfixes

Site Edit

Gang Garrison: The Classy Update