Capture the Flag, or CTF, is one of the four gamemodes available in Gang Garrison, and the most popular by mapmakers and players alike. The objective of this mode is to take your opponent's Intel, bring it back to your base and "capture" it, while defending your intel from the opposite team.

Each intel capture in this mode is worth 2 points. Simply taking the intel from the ground or the opponents base earns 1 point.

Both teams play until a pre-determined amount of captures for the win is reached, or the time limit runs out. Overtime occurs when the time expires while one team's intel is not at their base.


The RED intel. The BLU intel looks the same, except with a blue coloring.

Class RolesEdit

This is probably this most typical type of game, so the roles of each class should be fairly self-explanatory.


In CTF, the runner's primary job is getting and capturing the Intel. Because of his double jump, he can often take shorter routes built into most maps. His speed allows for the Intel to be captured quite quickly.


The firebug should stick to their typical harassment role. Essentially, run around and burn everyone you see. As a firebug, you can greatly assist in captures by protecting the intelligence carrier.

Rockeman Edit

Similar to the firebug, the Rocketman's primary goal is to kill opposing team members. In addition, Rocket Jumping can be handy for getting into runner paths.


The overweight is very powerful on defense. Often one overweight can keep most anything away from the Intel. Less powerful on the offense due to they're slow speed, they are still a force to be reckoned with when paired with a healer.


The Infiltrator should cloak, then take the passageways underneath the ground built in to most maps. They should go to the Intel, uncloak, then take the underground passageways back to your Intel. If there are multiple guards, this strategy may not work too well, and you might need to wait for a member of your own team to arrive and help take them out.


Build an autogun next to your Intel. Simple as that. Make sure to build it where it can see the underground passageway (probably behind it). Make sure to jump around near your Intel. If you see an Infiltrator, spam in his direction and try to alert other members of your team.


The detonator should place mines on either side of the Intel, but not too near to any autoguns. Go to the locker room, and if anybody gets anywhere near the intel, blow them up. If you see an Infiltrator, wait 'til they capture the Intel before blowing them up. After you blow up your mines, go and replace them as fast as you can.