Butterfly Knife
Kill Icon
Damage per shot: 200
Rate of Fire: 0.5 shots per second
Maximum DPS: 0-200
Maximum Ammunition: N/A

The Butterfly Knife, or the Balisong is the secondary weapon of the Infiltrator.

The Knife can only be used when an Infiltrator is using active invisibility (left click while cloaked). The stabbing animation takes about 2 seconds to complete(the stab happens at about 1 second and you can move again at about 2 seconds), although it may seem this may be enough time for an enemy to get away; its hitbox is quite large. As shown in the image the hitbox is exactly 35 pixels wide and 43 pixels high. The actual stabbing does over 200 damage to up to 2 enemies in its hitbox. This is an instant kill for all of the classes, even heavies who are eating their manvich..


The hitbox of a stab.


  • Backstabbing an enemy awards an extra point on the scoreboard, on top of the point you get for the kill.