Bubbler pic
Kill Icon
Damage per shot: 0.75
Rate of Fire: 7.5 shots per second
Maximum DPS: 6
Maximum Ammunition: N/A

The Bubbler is one of the "weapons" of Quote and Curly, aside from the Blade. It creates small bubbles that block enemy bullets.

Bullets have a 1/3 change of piercing the bubbles and mines are capable of detonating bubbles if timed properly.

Origins Edit

In Cave Story, the Bubbler was the third weapon available to the player. It could be obtained by getting the item "Jellyfish Juice" and back-tracking a few maps, then finding a certain fireplace and extinguishing the flames, finding the Bubbler in the ashes. Like every other weapon in Cave Story, the Bubbler had a different effect for each time it leveled up.

Level 1: Did little to no damage on contact, but still a tad more than the Gang Garrison 2 Bubbler. It did not however reflect objects, and was not rapid-fire.
Level 2: Fired bubbles in a quicker fashion with a bluer tint to them, also doing more damage.
Level 3: Most like the GG2 Bubbler, shot transluscent bubbles that hovered around the player for a few seconds. By releasing the fire key all active bubbles would turn into small lightning bolts and shoot in the direction the player was facing.

The Cave Story rendition of the Bubbler had a higher limit to the max number of bubbles on-screen; however, it had a 100-round ammunition supply that re-charged over time.

Strategy Edit

The Bubbler here is mainly used in a defensive or supportive fashion. Bubbles block normal enemy bullets and syringes, and reflect Detonator mines. Rockets, Rifleman shots, and Autogun rounds pass directly through. They are useful in tight chokes or for charging at enemies although your Blade damage might be too low for higher health enemies.

The Bubbler is also very useful for retreating (e.g. after taking the enemy flag), as most classes that can catch up to Quote/Curly can't shoot through the bubbles, while classes that can are too slow to reach them.

Each individual bubble pops if an enemy walks though, dealing a single point of damage.

Trivia Edit

Bubbler original

The original Cave Story rendition.

  • The Cave Story inventory description reads, "From the Assembly Hall's fireplace. How you use it is up to you."
  • Like Quote and Curly themselves, the Gang Garrison 2 version of the Bubbler differs from the original slightly, in both shape and color.
  • The Bubbler is the only weapon in the game that appears behind the character rather than being held in front of them.