Blu door

The BLU door as it appears in the team selection menu.

BLU, or Bolstered Locks Unlimited, is one of the two teams in Gang Garrison. It is also a shortened name of a colour. A private security firm, they claim to be "The leading name in freelance security and use of brute force in property protection." BLU's half of the map tends to be more industrial and mechanized bases than those of RED. Their primary, and possibly only, opponent is the RED team whom they are constantly fighting in different manners such as intelligence stealing, Capturing and holding land, and destroying of generators.

The TeamEdit

The BLU team is composed of 10 members:

Fighting the RED TeamEdit

BLU looks to overcome RED in many ways, as they are constantly at war with them. They duel the RED team in many ways; in games of Control Point, CTF, and Generator. They sometimes may play checkers as well, especially when they grow old and move into primary-coloured seniors residences.

Control PointEdit

In Control Point games, the BLU team competes with the RED team to control the entire map, staring with possession of two fifths of the map, and attempting to gain control of all of them. There is also a variation on control point games, in which BLU begins with control of the entire map, and must protect it from RED.

Capture the FlagEdit

The BLU team competes with the RED team to obtain the other team's Intelligence before the same can be done to them.


In this game mode, the BLU team attempts to destroy the RED team's Generator, whilst protecting their own from destruction.