Sentry red transparent
Kill Icon
Damage per shot: 8
Rate of Fire: 6 shots per second
Maximum DPS: 48
Maximum Ammunition: N/A
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An advertisement for the Autogun.

The Autogun, also known as the Sentry Gun, Sentry or Turret, is a build-able weapon deployed by a Constructor. It will shoot at enemies automatically and can not be healed or set on fire.

To build an Autogun, a Constructor needs 100 Nuts 'n' Bolts.

Strategy Edit

Deploy the Autogun at key points such as the front of the base. Also, it is more effective to deploy it on top of slopes, as players will be hit the full length of time they are approaching it.

Avoid deploying in high-traffic areas or you will find it scrapped before it's even fully deployed. Try to put it in areas where enemys come at a steady rate.

Counter Strategy Edit

Autoguns cannot aim directly above them. As such, if a player can maneuver into range without losing too much health, they can stand directly on the sprite and repeatedly jump while aiming down to inflict damage. This is commonly used by Runners due to their double-jump; however, it's not uncommon to see this attempted by a Firebug or a Quote/Curly. However, you may still be killed by the constructor. An autogun faces the direction the Constructor was facing when he built it, and requires time to turn around to face players. Use this to your advantage.

Rocketmen and Detonators can use their splash damage to hit autoguns through thin walls and floors.

Backstabs from the Infiltrator will destroy the gun in one hit, but will also likely alert any players around you. There are also a few places where the ceiling is so low any stabs will hit the ceiling instead of the auto gun.

With the exception of the Firebug and Quote (due to short range) and possibly the Healer (due to the Needlegun's extreme drop), any class can attempt to destroy an Autogun from out of its range by simply blind-firing. Riflemen can use their scope to remain safe while assuring a clear shot.


  • The Mini-Sentry of Team Fortress 2 has the same rate of fire, health, and damage per shot as the Autogun of Gang Garrison 2. Like the old Team Fortress 2's Mini-Sentry, Gang Garrison 2's Autoguns cannot be repaired. Its quite possible that the Mini-Sentry is based off the Autogun, considering Robin Walker tried to get in contact with Gang Garrison 2 developers prior to it being released (~Robin insists it's not though)
Double sentry glitch

Double Autogun Image

  • Occasionally during laggy games the person that spawned the sentry or a client will see a double sentry effect. The Autogun still does normal damage, it only appears as though there are two.