Ammunition is a system in Gang Garrison 2, introduced with version 2.2. Unlike the 'true' ammo systems found in many shooter games, Gang Garrison uses a combination of infinite ammo with overheat and/or reload times. A player's current reserve is displayed in the lower-right corner of the HUD. This varies for each class:

Overheat Edit

When a class's weapon uses overheat, the HUD displays not a number, but a bar. This bar decreases the longer a player fires their weapon- when it reaches zero, it must recharge until it hits max, at which point the player can fire as normal again.

Overheat is implemented on the Firebug's Flamethrower and the Overweight's Minigun.

Reloading Edit

Certain weapons don't overheat- instead, they must be reloaded. The HUD displays both a bar and a number. The number is how many rounds are left before a reload is necessary, the bar is a visual gauge on how completed the reloading process is.

The Runner's Scattergun, Rocketman's Rocket Launcher, Detonator's Mine Launcher and Constructor's Shotgun both can fire a limited number of shots, but can start firing again as soon as a new round is loaded.

However, if the Infiltrator uses up all the rounds in his Revolver, he must wait for the process to be fully complete, at which point he will start at maximum ammo, instead of 1. The same applies to the primary fire of the Healer's Medigun.

Overheat (Alternate) Edit

This alteration of overheat is only used by one class- Quote and Curly Brace. The Blade has a bar similar to normal overheat; however, rather than becoming unable to use the weapon, the less full the bar is, the less damage done. This scales down to a base of three damage per hit- at that point, it's actually more beneficial to use bubbles to attack your enemies.

The Rifleman doesn't have a reload system- rather, the time between his shots depends on if his previous shot was charged or not.