Fire is one of the many ways to die in Gang Garrison 2. To be on fire, a player has to have been attacked by a Firebug, as their flamethrower is the only source of fire. Afterburn does 0.6 damage per second, per flame, so your best bet is to retreat from the fight and find health.Up to 7 flames can stick to you.

Currently, there are only five ways to revert to a not-on-fire state. The first is being healed by a Healer. This is your best choice, as it heals you, and he builds his Superburst faster. Second is retreating to a respawn room. Usually, the flames will be extinguished merely by walking through the team-specific/bulletproof door. This doesn't heal your lost health, but that shouldn't matter as there should be a Resupply Cabinet right next to you. The third way is being Airblasted by a friendly Firebug. The fourth choice is death or changing class, which generally isn't a good idea for obvious reasons. The fifth choice, only available as an Overweight, is eating a Manvich, which can put out the flames at its completion.


  • Unlike the afterburn of Team Fortress 2, the effect depends on how many flames hit you, a blow away you will lose very little HP, but if a direct hit and long could be fatal.